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3 Things You Should Not Be Too Quick To Tell A Woman

It is the nature of every woman's emotions to generally arouse by what they hear and not what they see. As a man you should be very careful in what you say to her especially when you have not gained the assurance of whether she is the one or not. Below are three things you should not be too quick to tell a woman.

Don't be too quick to confess your emotions to her. You should not confess your feelings to a woman when you are not sure if she is the one because it will build up compelled emotions for her that are not a crucial sign of love.

Do not be too quick to tell her your income. It is not advisable to tell a woman how much you earn especially when you are a high income earners because she might see you as the solution of her financial problems and this could be the reason why she wants to stick around you.

Do not be too quick to ask her to be your girlfriend or wife. Be patient and don't be quick in tell her to be your wife or girlfriend when the two of you are new in the relationship or you have not known her true character.

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