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Things that evry campus person should try

Going to campus is one of the most exciting things in life. You go to a new place, make new friends, share new experiences and learn. You should always make sure that your campus life is memorable and probably contain the best moments of your life. Here are some of the thongs you should try;

1 open a business

campus is the place where you have least responsibility. you should save some cash and try to open a business.

2 miss a class

The joy of campus is that no one watches your studies. Miss a class or two and feel the rush of truancy that you probably never experienced in primary or highschool.

3 go to parties

Do not be self conservative. Go out and have some fun, you have one life, live it to the fullest. just avoid illegal drugs

4 join a club

Identify yourself with a society or an organisation. it will be easier to make friends that way and also keep you busy

5 have a girlfriend/boyfriend

Try relationships. gather up courage and talk to that girl. you are probably going to meet your wife there.

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