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As Man, Don’t Be Too Quick To Tell A Woman These 3 Things (opinion)

Women's emotions are often triggered by what they hear rather than what they see. At various stages of a relationship, a guy should be cautious and selective in the words he says to a woman.

There are three zones in every relationship: skepticism, confidence and familiarity. The familiarity zone is the most intimate part of any relationship, where trust and confidence have been established. That is the point at which a man can say whatever he wants to the lady, knowing that he has earned her love, trust and confidence.

When a relationship is still in the stage of suspicion and confidence, or when a man hasn't fully earned a woman's assurance of love and trust, he shouldn't tell her some things to avoid being vulnerable if the relationship falters down the road.

The following is a list of three things you should not say to a woman instead take your time first.

1. Don't reveal your feelings to her too quickly. Confessing your love to a woman when you aren't sure if the germ of love is also blossoming in her might be risky. Because women are emotional beings, declaring your love to her while you aren't sure if she loves you can only lead to coerced emotions that aren't necessarily evidence of desire. Before you can firmly reveal your feelings, allow the seed of love to develop in her until it germinates and becomes obvious. Taking one step at a time is safer. But don't stop your daily communication with her show her an interest.

2. If you and she are still new in the relationship, don't be too quick to ask her to be your wife or girlfriend, especially if you don't know her true character. Before asking her out, be patient and learn about her personality. Most women have characteristics that you may not be able to tolerate, but that other man may. Choosing your woman depends on your taste and the characters that you desire. If you marry because of bear pressure, you may end up regretting either her behavior and end up divorcing.

3. Unless she is your wife, don't tell her your income right away. Don't automatically assume or expect that a woman is yours once you've paid her bride price and completed the requisite traditional rites. Telling her your income, especially if you make a lot of money, may cause her to regard you as the solution to her financial issues and that may be the only reason she wants to hang out with you. If a woman loves you, wait until your love grows and expresses some secrets when you know well that she accepted you on the way you are but not because of money. Some ladies after realizing you earn a huge amount they feel guilty and they can still from you and go on their own.

Thank you for reading this article my your relationship bears good fruits.

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