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3 Signs a Woman is not Interested but Just Acting Nice.

3 Signs a Woman is not Interested but Just Acting Nice.

Hello guys, we are happy to be back with another information to make you gain some skills.

As we promised we must deliver. So here we are going to discuss about some few details about attraction on a woman.

Well, as you all know, women are those people who can clearly pretend to be who they are while in real sense, they are not.

Therefore, after sitting down and discussing about attraction, we thought that it was better we release this article as soon as possible.

We realized that sometimes men, make moves on women who are not even interested in them.

Like, you might think she is in love while she is only trying to play Nice. Therefore, this article is to save you from more rejections.

We understand that sometimes as a guy, you make moves based on what you think, while the ladies think otherwise.

In that case, we want you to read this article and know exactly what you need to know at the moment.

Here are the three signs a Woman is not interested but just trying to act nice with you:

1. She keeps postponing dates.

What makes a bond even stronger is the memories we create. That is why dates are always important.

A relationship without dates is just a waste of time. You can never date someone who you cannot go on a date with.

Now, be careful on this, we don't say that if a woman doesn't want to go on a date then she doesn't like you.

Yes, she might like you but is not interested. She wants to be there for her as a friend. Such a woman will never go with you on a date.

She is not so sure of when to go with you on a date. When you ask her, she will always be like, “Lets make it a Saturday

But when the Saturday arrives, she changes her mind to something else. Even indeed she might be doing all other things to make you proud but if keeps doing this, then she is not just interested.

2. She never appreciates the names you call her.

Sometimes you can get excited for the point of calling her all the names you like because she is your bae.

What you need to know is that, these names only makes sense and sounds sweet when the person being called, appreciates it.

Otherwise, calling someone who doesn't appreciate what you call her, makes the use of those names meaningless.

And it means exactly that the person is not interested in being in a serious relationship with you.

In such a case, we would advise you to treat the person just as a friend and not as partner because they does not want it.

3. She never talk about relationships.

Well, a woman who loves you or feels interested in you, would rather start up a conversation relating to relationships.

This is because, she wants you notice that she is already in, for you. And she wants you to make a move.

So, those guys who are always asking us how to know if you are no longer in the friends zone, this is one way.

Judge be so observant to te what seems is not there. Make sure you are able to read her mind where possible.

Otherwise, a woman who is not interested will never start up such a conversation because it doesn't interest her.

We hope it makes sense to you up to this point. Follow us for more articles coming through as time goes.

Like, share and comment your opinions in the comments section down below. See you again in the next article.

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