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What to do when he says he does not love you anymore

Love is a beautiful thing - so they say but wait until you hear your beloved waking up one fine morning and dropping the bombshell, ‘I do not love you anymore’

These words though they look few tends to sting painfully than a bee. This is because the owner of the information is someone you have loved all your life and out of the blues, he/she starts to view you differently.

As the sound of the words above continues to sink in is when others begin to enter into depression while asking themselves a million questions on what really caused the rift to the extent of not being loved anymore.

The sad part is that emptiness and loneliness start to creep into your life which was once full of vibrancy and blossoming with love.

The main question that always revolves among individuals is ‘what did I do wrong?’ and at times it is difficult to get the much-needed answers.

Laurie Palwik a blog writer advises individuals to follow the following ‘recipe’ that is ideal in going on with the grief and accepting to move on with life.

The first reminder is though it is a painful reality, give yourself space to heal. In this period you are supposed to be emotional as much as you want as it offers therapeutic touch.

Secondly, the focus should now be on you and not your partner or then your ex. This is not the time to bombard your mind with thoughts of him/her, who they are with, and what they are doing. The important aspect is picking up the pieces and rebuilding your identity. Start minding about yourself.

Thirdly is to give yourself time to begin viewing your relationship objectively while assuring yourself that the break-up was ideal and now is a good time to start over. 

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