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Why Do Guys Act Mean After Rejection?

Why do guys act mean after rejection?

Rejection is the act of spurning someone's affection because of a lack of interest. It occurs every day, in every aspect of our lives, be it work or love. We can all agree that once or twice in job interviews, we've heard the words; "Don't call us, we'll call you." That itself sounds like rejection, and it hurts to the core. Truth is, rejection sucks. Whether you're the person shutting someone else down or the one on the receiving end.

let's focus on rejection when it comes to love matters:

we can all agree that there is always a right and totally wrong way to act when your date tells you that they're just not interested in you anymore. But for most guys, they choose the latter.

There's actual psychology on why men get so butthurt and some even scary when the women in their lives are no longer interested.

(1) Men have been taught to protect their masculinity from an early age. The male ego is highly wrapped up in how they perceive their relationships with the opposite sex. They associate any type of rejection to their masculinity, and whenever they feel like it's been threatened by an outside source, they tend to fight for it and try to re-prove how manly they are, or how worthy they are.

(2) Men hate being told that they're not good enough. Men hate to think that another man could be better than them and take their place in their date's lives.

(3) Men are as emotionally needy as women. How a man reacts after you reject him has everything to do with their emotions. They are taking it out on you aggressively because you hurt their feelings, and therefore, they want to make you feel exactly how you made them feel.

(4) You have damaged his self-esteem. Anyone who takes it upon themselves to insult someone because they rejected them has to be dealing with self-esteem issues. You basically damaged their confidence in their self-worth, abilities, or their self-respect.

In conclusion, men's aggressive reaction to rejection is a by-product of the set societal narrative. That is why wealthy men tend to think that no woman should say no to them because they have everything that any woman desires. But love can't be bought, and these men fail to understand that part. Some men will throw insults at you, body shame you, tell you how they only wanted to use you and they finally got what they wanted, which is so disgraceful for anyone.

The right thing to do when a man gets aggressive with you after you reject them is to stand by your word. Let them understand that your "NO" means NO and nothing is going to compromise your decision.

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