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RIP: Unbelievable as Father and Mother Kill Their Son Due to This

To start a family should consider being one's choice, no one should be forced to marry n. Marriage should be considered as a process, this is because for a boy or a girl to marry each other there must be a relationship. Some parents might force their children to get into marriage by either forcing them or choosing spouses on their behalf.

Today, NTV has reported sad news which involves a gentleman who is traced to be Iranian by not getting his family. The family reported that the young man was destroying their reputation and image as they were highly respected. 

According to further rreports, the man was aged 47 years with no signs of getting himself a girl to start a family. Parents took action and finally ended his life to itopreserve their reputation.

This sounds sad, every one of us should be given a chance to either stay single or get someone and start a family. Parents should not force children to do what they are not willing to do. Let the young man rest in peace as a specific course of death is being established.

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