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Five reasons to keep money out of a serious relationship

The art of learning to keep money at a distance when dating with your love is very essential to a healthy relationship. Believes are there to justify why most people are doing the opposite and making money the central core of their relationship,We cannot ignore the fact that finance push in for example through date lunch or even engagement ring

Keeping money out a relationship ensures that there is a good debate that ends up with a very fine tuned agreement

I want to categorise the various reasons why any financial assistance to your partner should be avoided in all means possible

1) Finance glues people together preventing one to express themselves in the best way possible as they fear loosing the monetary support they have been receiving,this results to faking of one's character to continue attracting the Finance

2) Money moves almost everything, emotions are immediately dismantled and hence once involves emotions to make conclusions instead of critically thinking,these results to a fall out between the two parties on issues that require application of critical thinking

3) Money disagreement are uncontrollable, perceived misuse issues cannot be avoided simply because money touches the deepest point of the heart ,this results to serious trust issues that may render to consequential rush conclusions as one partner tries to prove being hurt.

4) Monetary value slashes off the value to grow,in simpler terms 'one is unable to work their ass off' ,the person in the receiving end gets to a comfort zone hence opportunities bypass him/her as there is no pain in life to try and improve their living status as one is already standing in their place.

5) Money attract pride and one dominates the other thus kicking out sanity through the window. It also makes one a pyscophant of your partner almost agreeing with a hundred percent of all desicions he/she make

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