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Why Do Guys Want Pictures? It's Like They Can Never Get Enough Pictures

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A question that runs in many girls is why do guys are overly obsessed with wanting pictures as soon as the conversations kick. Especially with the population of an online meeting, the phenomenon is synonymous with all social media platforms.

Stay with me as we explore this matter and, in the end, guys will know how to better respond to the “why do you want my pics?” and ladies also understand why men ask for pictures.

For several reasons guys want your pictures,

1) Extremely attractive 

In his eyes, you are very attractive and this makes his heart miss a beat that you are a woman of his dreams he had been searching for.

2) Wants to make you more than a friend.

To ask for a photo once or twice is a normal thing but if he comes back for more, he could be wanting to make you more than a friend.

3) Show off.

When a man gets a super cute girl, he will want to show off to his friends, moreover, you have become his girlfriend

4) When you are not near

When distance separates you and you take a long time before a meeting. He misses you so much.

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If it's an online meeting, it's hard to visualize a person, psychologically, men tend to be more visually oriented. You can tell a lot about people by the way they look. People take note of the clothing choice face, and eyes.

Guys also ask for pictures because they want to justify their attraction towards you. Girls have different looks (so they say) so he is trying to figure out if you look good all the time or just in certain pictures.

To put this into context, especially in online meet-ups people tend to display the good side without balancing on the flaws and this is problematic if the relationship may end up in a face-to-face meeting.

Like dating profiles girls, big girls will want to portray themselves as skinny, girls with bad teeth usually are never fanned to smiling on camera while showing their teeth, girls with big noses will never have side photo profile picture.

You don’t want to sound like a creep when a girl asks you to give him the reason for asking for pictures. You might think it’s a normal thing, but girls may feel and start the question. Here are a few examples of how to respond to her.

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1. I want to know you better and it is not wrong

Be honest, tell her your intention. You want the pictures because you want to know her better.

To ask someone for pictures show you are serious about knowing her. 

2. make it clear that you are not asking for nudes.

Most girls can be skeptical when t comes to a guy asking her pictures. They might feel reluctant and think every guy will ask for nudes.

3. I’m sorry if you don't feel comfortable with it

Be a gentleman and say sorry and sound like one. Once you feel she is expressing doubts then you should know when to stop.

It's also advisable to know who you share your photos with. Do not share photos with strangers who have not had a conversation to know their intentions and to guys always be respectable when you ask for photos some will send you some will never send them.

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