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Husband and wife relationship

Gakara's Wife Winnie Reveals Where She Met Her Husband And How They Ended Up In A Relationship

Gakara's wife Winnie Odhiambo is full of depression and she cant withstand the pain of loosing her whole family members. Today is the day that her husband and kids will be laid to rest in their village home. Family members, colleague workers and friends have already arrived just to ensure they give the three a respectable send-off. Everybody has been eulogizing the three family members who passed away in a very mysterious way. Winnie Odhiambo was given a chance to speak last night and she revealed a lot concerning their love journey. According to Winnie, she met Gakara in the hospital in 2014. Winnie was an intern student and by then Gakara was their supervisor. It reached a day when they were to work in the maternity department and there was a lady who needed a caesarian. Winnie was afraid that Gakara might shout and quarrel since she was too slow. Winnie revealed that she was not aware of what was to be done and therefore Gakara stepped in. He told her not to panic since he was there to help them out. Just like that, their love journey began. (The Standard)

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