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REVEALED: What Is The Right Time For Marriage, And Setting Family

Have you wondered when to finally down your dating tools, and pick your partner for a family? In fact, what is a good time to marry and settle down for a family?

In this article, we shall evaluate and teach you the best time to wife your girlfriend or make an exchanging vows plan before time elapses.

Many myths are revolving around setting up a family; the misconceptions diversify from one set of communities to another.

After hitting 18-years old, a Kenyan citizen is regarded as mature – given a chance to make his/her own decisions. However many scholars still feel at age of 18, the individual is too young to make a marriage decision – with the adolescence stage at its peak – youths may fall victim to poor decisions.

The scientists divulge that the right time for marriage is between 26-years and 30-years. Well, does it sound irritating? At this age – teenage is gone, your heart has probably gone through a section of heartbreaks, and you can make the right decision under no influence of body feeling.

However, some myths consider early 20’s marriage to fit the couples regardless of the situation. Unfortunately, 90% of these teenage marriages do not work beyond five years. After 2- 3 years of a successful marriage, the husband tends to start developing weird behaviour towards the wife.

Some of you may mention a few examples of people who married at their teenage age, and their marriage stood up to their late ages. Well, to be precise, most families set below 25- years are engineered by body affections rather than true feelings towards settling.

Final words

Setting up a family is more of planning, and patience – remember you are making decisions that may cost you the rest of your life, be careful. You should get married in your 30’s – the late the better.

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