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Husband and wife relationship

Expectations of a man from her woman.

Expectations of a man from her woman.

Before a man decides to marry, he thinks that marriage is an easy thing that he could do as usual.

When he marry, as time goes by, the two will reach at acertain age and come up with childrens.

Now when they have children it will be so difficult for them to feed this children because they are unorganized.

The problem it comes when you find that this man either is jobless and now the children have grown they need food and clothes to wear.

Now this is where you will find that, this woman has started quarreling with his husband to go and look for food for the children.

On the other hand, not all man you can get being jobless, in some cases you may find a man having a good job which by the end month earns good money.

But you find that this man is not minding about her wife, he is just there instead of looking also job for her wife so that the money they get will assist them in budgeting


This can make also her wife to start complaining about her life because it's of boring since there is nothing to do in the house as most of the woman they like making their self busy.

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