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Beloved People, Here Are The Unmistakable Reasons to Focus on Your Life Rather Than in Relationships

Sometimes you may be stressing yourself for something you are not ready for. Dating is not that compulsory for you to ge proven human neither is it a basic need to be prioritised first in someone's life. You may have tried a number of relationships but failed. The problem may not be you. The problem may be you not treating yourself better. For you to love someone truly, you need to love yourself first. Self love is very crucial for you to proceed to love someone else. You need to realize yourself first. Be you and don't try to imitate someone else. Here are the reasons why you should not prioritize relationships so fast in your life.

You need time to balance your life. Know what you want to achieve first in life. If you fail to balance your life, you will never know the main goal for dating. You will be all around breaking people's heart which is indeed bad. Know what you need and at what time you need it in life. Briefly, take a pen and and a paper then write down your long term and short term goals. This will be like a propelling catalyst to your destiny. Input your age and what you would like to attain at such particular age. This will help you focus in your life and when the real time comes, you will get the best lady leading to the best marriage. Be patient, good things take time.

Focusing with your life rather than relationships will help you have more time with people. It's true that when dating, your partner will always consume most of your time. She will need you around her whenever you are free. However when you are still single, you will have more time to network and make connections with people. That's all you need at a young age. Make more friends who will expand your thinking capacity beyond imagination. When you focus in your life, you will get no limitations on who and who not to talk to. Self love will allow you to exploit several places in your life as your hands will not be tied by anyone else.

Focusing with your life also enables you to create healthy boundaries with people. You will have made it clear that you only need yourself. People around you will respect that fact and stay in their own lanes. No one will like to hurt you. It's different when you don't make it clear to people on your status. They will always joke and have boring jokes around you. Make your intentions clear to them. Assure them of your boundaries and they will always respect them. Healthy boundaries is key for a healthy and good environment for interaction. At least someone will know what you hate and what you you like.

You may also be too young to date. Age really counts for a relationship to work. There's a given level of maturity needed for an affair to yield. Teenage is a very bad age group to date. Dating should be done at a least age of 20. At 20, someone is able to argue well and reason maturely. Children at teens should wait for their time. Take time with yourself. Preserve yourself for someone for once. You may be single there without knowing that you are someone's prayer item. Someone wakes up every morning to pray for you. Keep safe and wait for your time. Nothing will change if you begin earlier. You will only be bringing more harm to yourself and other people.

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