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5 Things Women Do That Attract Men Like A Magnet

Love is a relationship that develops over time as two people get to know each other and share life's ups and downs. Commitment, time, mutual trust, and acceptance are all necessary components. The desire to reproduce, on the other hand, fuels lust.

It's true that men are programmed to look for specific characteristics in women before making any essential moves.

The appearance of a woman is highly subjective in the eyes of males. Some men prefer chubby ladies, while others prefer slender ones, and still others are unconcerned about a woman's body. Instead, they focus on the attributes that make a woman a better companion. The majority of men prefer certain characteristics over others.

1. The tone of one's voice and the manner in which one speaks

A high famine voice is quite appealing to most males. Women with high famine voices attracted greater male attention, but those with squeaky voices were less appealing to men.

2. Dimensions

Taller men attract more desirable partners, which is why women choose to date them. Women have a considerable predilection for tall males on average. Most men like women who are the same height as them, but short men prefer women who are the same height as them.

3. Applying Makeup

Too much of anything may be harmful, and too much make-up can be harmful at times. Most women believe that putting on too much make-up makes them stand out. Men are drawn to women who wear light make-up. Just a heads up that wearing bright make-up may turn off the man you're hoping to entice.

4. The proportion of your waist to your hips

The waist-hip ratio, also known as the waist-to-hip ratio, is a dimensionless proportion of the waist circumference to the hip circumference. The waist-to-hip ratio is calculated by dividing the waist-to-hip ratio by two. A person with a waist of 30 inches and hips of 38 inches, for example, has a waist-hip ratio of 0.78. Women with a good waist-to-hip ratio are more appealing to men.

Curvature of the lumbar spine (number 5)

Lordosis is a condition in which the lumbar spine curves inward abnormally. The majority of males think this is the most appealing feature in women. The most popular angle among men is 45.5 degrees.

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