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How to rebuild trust in relationships and marriages.

It is still possible build a broken marriage or any romantic relationship.It is possible to trust your partner again after breaking your trust.However this only happens if both of you are ready to work on the relationship.There are several ways to rebuild trust in any broken relationship,these include;

       Back up your words with action.if you want to regain lost trust,always show actions.This is because action speak louder than words.

       Create new memories.

In order to regain your partners trust,try to create new memories with them.This shows that at least you are trying to gain back their trust.Show that you care about them.

Openly apologize.

         By apologizing,you show that you are owning up to your mistake.It shows that you accept you are on the wrong and are willing to work on it so as to change.

       Remember that people can be trusted again.Whenever trust is broken,give yourself a chance to heal but also do not forget that you can still trust again.

     Be patient.It is not easy to accept that someone has changed.Be patient with your spouse when they are trying to gain your trust..

        Have willingness to work on the is easier to work on the relationship when everyone is at least putting an effort.

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