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4.Traits That Do NOT Attract Men to Women

Presently you need to comprehend that when I express these things are NOT appealing, I'm not saying that they are ugly… like they will drive men away (albeit some of them do). 

I'm saying that men will not be pulled in to you consequently. 

1. Men Are NOT Attracted to Logic 

In case you're truly brilliant, that is wonderful! However, shockingly, rationale doesn't draw in men. I get a ton of ladies who come to me who have attempted to "persuade" a man to be pulled in, begin to look all starry eyed at, and be together. This NEVER works. Fascination is an inclination. Furthermore, it's NOT something he can consistently decide to feel. 

2. Men Are NOT Attracted to Action 

A great deal of times when a lady is pulled in to a person, she'll attempt to do an entire pack of things to show him she wants to think about it. This may look like revealing to him the amount he intends to her, getting him things, or attempting to be in contact or around him constantly. This NEVER works… Since he's not pulled in to what in particular you're doing, he's pulled in to who you're being.

3. Men Are NOT Attracted to Women Who Think Men Are the Problem 

I run into ladies all the time who disclose to me that I ought to mentor and working with men since "men are the issue." Allow me to impart some news to you… We're ALL the issue. Also, reprimanding men for YOUR relationship issues isn't appealing to men. 

4. Men Are NOT Attracted to Women Who Want to Change or "Fix" Them. 

You need to discover a man who acknowledges you and loves you for who you are. Indeed, learn to expect the unexpected. Men need exactly the same thing. Men need to discover ladies who acknowledge them and love them for who they really are. 

A ton of ladies are so centered around going gaga for a man's latent capacity and not really falling head over heels in love for who they are as men and it's amazingly ugly.

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