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Maria Actress Gives A Not Very Good Opinion Of Her Ex, And Narrates Their Terms Of Separation

An ex is a person who you have shared a romantic relationship with and then later separated. Many people are not in good terms with their exs and alot of people never associate their ex with good things.

In a discussion that was happening on citizen tv, the story about the exs were being discussed. Most people gave different opinions about their exs.

In the discussion, the guest was talking of how if there are no children that resulted from the relationship, there is no need of remaining friends with your ex. Most people tend to take it lightly and talk of how you can still be friends even if the relationship is no more while other are of the opinion that it is possible to remain friends with your ex.

Call it 'retirement benefits' if you want, but most people relate that being your ex's friend is not all that Godly. Most of the times it is associated with immoral acts that result due to the intimate moments that happened between the two.

Kobi was of the opinion that she cannot be friends with her ex. To her it is not good neither doest it glorify God. She talked of how she will walk past right her ex and not bother to say hi.

" Call me a drama queen, i dont care" she wrote.

What are your thoughts? Are you still friends with your ex?

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