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Personality Traits That Make You Magnetic

For some people, charisma comes naturally, for others it take some effort. Whatever the case maybe for you, knowing exactly which personality traits make you attractive can help you improve in every area of life:

1 Authenticity: it's hard to be compelling when you're putting on an act. That's why magnetic people never pretend to be someone they're not. If they seem interested, excited, or even annoyed, it's because those are their true emotions

2 Sense of humor: their bright and charismatic nature puts people at ease and creates connections through laughter

3 Free imagination: this perspective avoids judgement and enables them to acknowledge others' input without criticism

4 Healthy optimism: they are always able to see the bright side of any situation

5 Full of empathy: empathetic people are incredibly generous when it comes to their time and emotional energy, making them the ideal friend both in times of distress and celebration

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