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Wedding planning scene

5 Reasons Why People Don't Prefer Wedding.

Wedding is a special passage of life where man and a woman are joined together as a husband and wife so as to form a family. Marriage accompanied by wedding is considered to be official and sacred between the couples and the society. Currently, many people who are married don't consider wedding because if the following reasons;

1. Most men and ladies give birth when not officially in marriage and, when a person marries a lady or a man who has a kid, he or she feels that there might be an attachment to the the parent of the kid which might bring issues in the future.

2. People have a feeling that, some marriages done under wedding, don't last for long or even have many problems and thus most people avoid that.

3. Marriage done through wedding is requires sacrifice and commitment and many people fear being under that because, they want to live a freestyle life .

4. Wedding is more expensive nowadays which makes it hard for some people to afford due to low earnings.

The above reasons have made most people evade wedding.

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