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3 Signs That God Wants You To End Your Relationship

God is always in control of everything that we do in our lives. He sees everything that you're doing and going through. You might think that God doesn't know about your relationship but He know everything. He is able to remove out of that relationship if it's a bad one. As a Christian you should therefore pray to God anytime you are entering into a new relationship. The following are some of the signs that God is telling you to end your relationship.

1. You are being treated badly.

When you are mistreated in a relationship, it's a clear sign that he/she is not the right person for you. And God wants you to walk away. If he/she is God chosen, they will never treat you like an option. Never ignore this sign because God might be rescuing your life from an abusive partner.

2.You are being encouraged to disobey God.

No one should ever disobey God. Regardless of how long you have built that relationship, never let your partner encourage you to disobey God. If they does then it's a sign that he's not the one and God wants you to walk out of that relationship. A perfect partner will always encourage you to obey God and praise Him.

3.You have no control while with them.

God is the controller of everything and you shouldn't let anyone control you especially when you are doing the right thing. If you notice that you aways have no self-control when with your partner, God wants you to end that relationship. Your partner isn't your God and they shouldn't control you.

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