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Biggest Turn Offs on a First Date

You are expected to spend time getting to know each other on your first date. First dates requires you to be on your best behaviour to impress your date. Who knows? Maybe they would end up asking you for a second date.

Being on your phone the whole time

Being on your phone most time on a date is a huge turn off. It shows how un interested you are and you would rather prefer to be somewhere else other than on that date. it is rude to be on your phone on your first date unless it is an emergency but being on your phone scrolling through your social media shows how boring you find your date to be and you don't care showing it .

Talking about your ex on your date

Bringing up your ex on a first date is on top of the huge turn offs. Why bring up your ex on your date when you are trying to get to know the new person? This shows you are not over your ex and you trying to compare your date with your ex. This will give your date a reason to not pursuade you for another date since they will feel you are still hanged to your ex.

Complaining every time

If you are constantly complaining about everything on your first date like how the food is bad ,how the waiters are slow or how you don't like the place clearly shows your date how you are not satisfied with people or everything about you. You should try to be at your best discipline on your first date to avoid turning off your date.

Being late on your date

Being late on your date shows how unpunctual you are. You shouldn't keep your date waiting on your first date and if you have to call them to let them other than show up late just like that. This shows how selfish you are. Plan on your date well a day before to avoid being late.

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