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Here's What To Do Instead Of Ghosting

Ghosting is the act of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication. We can all agree that it sucks to be ghosted. However, we still don’t hesitate to do it to other people. It may seem reasonable when you’re the one doing it, but when it’s your turn, you finally get to understand that it’s not the best way to end things with someone. When you ghost someone, they are often left wondering what they did wrong and are left to assume that the reason you are not interested is because of all the things they are insecure about. Disappearing on someone without a clear explanation of why will end up affecting their self-esteem and make the other person question their self-worth. We should try to be nicer to the people around us and not leave them hanging. Here are a few things you can do instead of ghosting:

Send them an honest text

Not everyone is compatible, so if you feel like the issue was incompatibility, look for a polite way to tell him or her what went wrong between you two. Being ghosted is more painful than receiving that text explaining why the relationship won’t work. Take some time and find the right words to say so that you don’t end up sending an inconsiderate message. Make sure you are honest and just offer a simple explanation as to why you can’t be together.

Analyze the situation

You need to take time to assess the situation the very moment you start thinking about ghosting someone. Consider how invested you have been in the relationship and find out if you are no longer interested in them. Rejection is part of dating and the most important thing to do is let someone know how you feel instead of just leaving someone to make his or her own conclusions.

Ask them to be friends

You can ask to hang out as friends instead of letting them go completely. Most people hate to be told to remain friends after a failed relationship but sometimes it’s the best thing you can do because some people are better as friends and you will be able to benefit more from them as friends as opposed to forcing a relationship. You may end up ghosting someone who could actually turn out to be a great friend.

Before ghosting someone, take some time and think of all the times you have been ghosted. Did it feel right? I guess not. Do people a favor and end things in an honest way and avoid ghosting. 

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