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Your boyfriend, is not your father

It is absurd that 70% of women get into relationships, not because of true love or commitment, but for the free food and gifts. This simply encourages the birth of lazy women and a generation of exhausted and depressed men. Women should be able to take care of themselves before putting themselves at the mercy of men.

Your boyfriend is not you father, and he should not be the one paying your bills unless he is one of those few gentlemen who typically enjoy showing off their deep pockets. It also gets annoying to a basic man, who is living paycheck to paycheck, when he has to pick up ''babe, I need 5k urgently'' calls everyday. Unacceptable, is the word to use in the case.

Young lads should be motivated to approach hardworking ladies, like themselves in order to secure a better future. For those who expect free financing because a man is interested in you, its 2021, a time to get back on your feet. You attract what you are. A lazy man gets a lazy woman.

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