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Meet A 37-Year-Old Kenyan Man With 2 Wives, 8 Children and A Grandchild

A Kenyan man has revealed his polygamous lifestyle, which includes two wives, eight children, and one grandson. Takid Master married when he was a child. He is the father of eight children and the husband of two women.

Takid Master, 37, is a martial arts instructor who doubles as the Kenya Federation Competition's national coach and secretary. He married Cecilia Moraa, his first wife, when he was seventeen years old. Five years later, he married Muslim Mariam Nyambura. He is the father of five children with Cecilia and three children with Mariam.

The father of eight stated that they cohabitate comfortably under one roof. "We lead normal lives in the same house. When events occur, we all attend together, and the majority of people are aware of them. Even if you follow us covertly, you will discover nothing out of the ordinary. My two wives get along nicely and look after me as they should," Takid explained.

The 37-year-old stated that managing such a huge family requires emotional fortitude. "Martial arts teaches us some life principles. We possess self-control, humility, honesty, fortitude, and a high level of discipline. "I am the single earner because my two wife are unemployed. My ability has come in handy as I am mostly responsible for training expatriates. It's about being accountable and forthright." Takid's firstborn is 22 years old and already has a child. "I am overjoyed to have a grandchild at the age of 36. It fills me with pride. When we go out, my children and I resemble brothers," he explained.

Takid stated that his contemporaries regard him as a role model, yet some are wary of his polygamous lifestyle. "It is not necessary to be born in Runda to succeed in life. I was born in Juja but spent my childhood in Dandora. I contribute to society via athletics and talent development. " I am not advising the youth to embrace my polygamous style. It is not simple. Allow them to accomplish what is manageable."

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