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Qualities in Women That Drive men Crazy

As the say goes, good things attract, men will always look for attractive women. Several things can make a woman attractive and once you become attractive, you will never lack a man's attention. Many things attract men depending on whom the man is. If you want to attract a man of your liking, these are what you should put into consideration.

1. Be attractive

This is all about the physical you. Make yourself attractive indeed. Do your make up perfectly and make yourself appear descent. It is not all about wearing expensive clothing. It is about neatness.

2. Be intelligent and smart

Apart from physical beauty, men consider intelligence too. Be smart in whatever you are doing and avoid doing things that will make him question your intelligence.

3. Be Independent

It is nuisance when you want your man to do for you everything. Sometimes try to depend on yourself. You will surely pull him even closer.

4. Be Remorseful

You know it very well that you have aggrieved the man and yet you don't want to apologise probably because of ego. Do you think he will tolerate you? Very few will tolerate you. So be remorseful and you will see better results.

5. Be flexible and kind

Always listen to him and be willing to accept his ideas. Treat his friends with kindness. No man will be happy if you keep ignoring his friends.

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