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What People Fear Most

Every person have things that they fear to experience or happen to them. It's every one desire to live a life with no worry.

Some of things that people fear most includes the following.

1. Disease. Living a healthy life is everyone desire but disease limit the hapiness. Most feared disease that if one of family member acquire, the family remain sad is cancer. Cancer have killed most prominent and social people in world. Also HIV and Aids is another disease that make one restless. Currently Covid 19 have made life worse where most family have lost their loved ones.

2. Rejection and heartbreak. I bet most of people have experienced heartbreak from their first love. They wish never to have met their ex lovers. One main cause of suicide cases is heartbreak and rejection from the people you trusted most.

3. Being poor. Everyone wants to live a life that they get what they desire. People work so that they can get rich. One craves to have money, car, lands, building among others.

4. Being barren. Every person want to see their offspring. Most family have broken due to lack of child. Though many opt to adopt, there is still that gap of knowing the adopted child is not yours.

To know more things people fear follow me and don't forget to leave comments in the section below.

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