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7 Reasons Why You Must Give Space In A Relationship

When watching news today we see how couples in relationships are killing each other and precious lives are ruined. Some of these situations can be solved by giving space when in a relationship with each other.

Some of the reasons given below can explain how giving space can make a relationship healthier.

1. Sometimes a little space in the relationship gives you time to explore the different aspects of life too, which are also important.

People have interests and hobbies that they need to focus on some time instead of being with their significant other all the time that can make one feel oppressed and suffocated by their partner.

2. You should give them an assurance that even if things are not very well balanced in between them, then also you stand with them.

Let your loved one know that even if you are not on the same page, you still love and care for them instead of leaving them stressed out feeling like they did something wrong. Communication is key. A phone call or simple 'I love you' message can go a long way. Let them know you're thinking of them.

3. Sometimes you need to understand your partner has other priorities in their life, so give them time to handle those too.

People have goals, jobs and other stuff that are important to them. Giving them space to be able to develop in other areas of their life that does not include you is fine. You are important but not the only important thing in their life.

4. Sometimes in order to balance your relationship You need to give each other a 'me' time to make it more stable.

Being able to distinguish yourself apart from your partner is very important in everyone's life. Pursue your interests and be your own person who is not consumed by the whole relationship. Your partner is important but you should be able to stand out alone as yourself.

5. You shouldn't revolve around only one person. You both have friends and family so make good use of that portion of your life.

You both have friends and families who need your time and going to visit them separately in person can help the relationship. Your friendships are also different and very important to who you have as a person. When in a relationship you have friends who you share together and spend time with as a couple.

6. Everyone has their own struggles in life. Sometimes you need to give them time to sort out everything.

We have different needs and battles that we need to fight on our own and do not need the help of our partners. Understand them and support their decisions and accept that is a part of who they are and need space.

7. Don't be dependent only on one person that you start to feel clueless in their absence.

Being codependent or fully dependent on a person is very dangerous in a relationship. When they are gone or very far from you, one can lose a sense of who they are outside the relationship. Take a space to figure out and develop new hobbies and interests that can define you apart from your partner.

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