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Dear Ladies Here Are The 5 Sure Signs That You Are Dating Your Soulmate

1.You respect each other.

Respect is always the most important thing in a relationship.If your partner doesn't give you the respect you deserve then he is not your soulmate.Your soulmate will love you for who you are and he will respect your feelings and opinions.

2.You fight for your relationship to work.

When you are in a relationship and the both of you always ensure that you are doing the right thing at the right time, he is your soulmate.For example if he likes to drink and you tell him that it is not healthy for your relationship, he will work on himself and stop drinking gradually.This is a sign that he values the relationship and doesn't want it to end.

3.You want to be around each other.

The moment you start feeling that you just want to be around each other then it is a sign that he is your soulmate.When you are with him you feel happy.Just sitting and feeling each other's presence lifts you up.He is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.When he is not around you just feel sick.

4.You are there for each other.

Soulmates will always be there for each other no matter how bad the situation is.In good and bad times.This means that when you are in trouble you are sure that your partner will be there for you.They will never leave your side when you need them.

5.You trust each other.

There is no feelings of insecurity in the relationship.You have a hundred percent trust in your soulmate.Though, it is always normal to get jealous in a relationship but not to the extent of feeling insecure.This is a sure sign that he is your soulmate.

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