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Details About Aida Wambui, Who Devorced CS Joe Mucheru Despite Being Given Ksh 300,000 Monthly

Aida Wambui is ex wife to CS Joe Mucheru and a woman without limit extremely hardworking and always focused to achieve the best of her dreams and passions in life. She devorced CS Joe Mucheru due to many factors that were irreconcilable making their marriage untenable.

According to Aida Wambui, CS Mucheru made family decisions without consulting her, termed her as a person not ready to work as well abused her despite him being a fully dedicated Christian. He however provided her with Ksh 300,000 monthly for upkeep to take care of family needs. Whether they had children together before the devorce however remains the family issue as none has disclosed such to the public.

Aida Wambui felt that money was not enough but the attention of her husband who she accused of renting a house different from the one they lived in lavington as well taking her for granted. She has however focused on doing her best after the devorce as she felt the marriage was really untenable due to many factors.

Aida Wambui however largely keeps off public limelight for her own personal reasons as she is not herself a public figure. She has focused on her business after the devorce though she still wants CS Mucheru to continue providing her with upkeep money as before.

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