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Zuchu Claims That Success Attracts More Fake People; These Are The Reasons

Friends and relatives play a very big role in somebody's life. They have the potential to make or destroy someone. Those that are sincere should be valued but if toxic, one ought to definitely walk out of especially if the trust is repeatedly broken.

Zuchu has claimed that she has learned that the more one succeeds, the more he or she will have fake people sorrounding her. She also added that the biggest price one pays in exchange for fame is loosing the beloved.


Have you ever asked yourself why this normally happens in our day- to- day life?

These are some of the reasons for the happenings:

1. Jealousy

When you succeed surpassing those around you, you are bound to face the wrath of jealousy. People enjoy when you are in the same situation but when the opposite occurs then your success will look like bragging to them.

2. Demoralization

People are demoralized when friends succeed before they do. They tend to feel that they are not good enough. So as a way to console themselves, they start becoming hypocritical. This is a way of restoring their wounded ego.

3. Alienation

Birds of the same feathers flock together. So when you become a more successful 'bird' than the rest, you will definitely not belong to the group no matter how hard you try. Boundaries will be drawn and faking will be an everyday affair.

Thus, the lesson that Zuchu has learnt should be done by all because this can happen to anyone. This does not mean you should not strive to achieve your life goals for fear of loosing some people in your life. Those who are worthy your companionship will try sticking by your side no matter what.

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