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Signs Of A Woman Who Will Never Marry You

Men usually have love relationships with ladies.There comes a time to a man to start a new life with a lady so that to make a family.But you can find ladies who will not have a mind to marry you or start new life with you.Here is how to spot or know whether a lady will never marry you in life.

1.She will not have mind of negotiating or discussing about new life of marriage .The only things that she is about is petty petty things of wasting your time.This can show a man that the lady cannot marry you in life.

2.Get annoyed when you bring of marriage issues on board.When bringing this issues of marriage she changes her moods.

3.She never speaks the truth.In anything that she tells you must be a lie.She also keeps talking none sense.

4.She lacks respect on you.When you are talking,she does not take an action to what you were saying and she also shows some bad behavior and such kind.

5.She rejects your gifts.This shows how she can never be a good wife.Also this shows that the lady may reject your opinion of marrying her.

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