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Dating Romantic

How To Make Him Want You.

1. Make him work hard to win you. Do not be too available and he will make an effort to show you that he is the right man for you. However, do not overdo playing hard to get.

2. Be yourself in real life and social media. By being unique every guy will love that part of you.

3. Seek protection. You will evoke his masculinity and make him feel special by helping you.

4. Compliment him. Guys love to hear something nice about their appearance, personality and skills. It will make him feel powerful just by that simple gesture.

5. Be positive and smile. It will inspire the guy to make an effort to make you smile more.

6. Never reveal everything about yourself and be mysterious. Make him compete for your attention.

7. Do not be afraid to contradict him. You could win his attention by having your own opinions and passionately expressing yourself.

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