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The Cryptic Message on Nviiri's Profile Proves It Was Over, Elodie Just Didn’t Notice

Elodie Zone has just confirmed the breakup between her and her boyfriend NviiriTheStoryTeller, but the sad truth is the guy had already moved on, only that she didn’t notice it on his Instagram profile.

The lady through Q&A on Instagram dropped the bombshell to the netizens how the “Niko Sawa” hitmaker was abusive, neglectful and urged men and women in such relationships to move out as soon as possible and be strong.

It looks like she wasn’t the one to break this news because even if they were still together, Nviiri aka Mr. Kitenge was already telling her to move out through his profile. Have a look that his profile.

From the profile, you can see the cryptic message, “Niko Sawa MV Out now”

You might say that it’s the promotion of his song “Niko Sawa”, but that song makes it even more obvious, the song has a line that goes “if you’re okay, then I’m also okay” which in Swahili is, “ka uko sawa, mi nko sawa”

They had it going but these relationships things are hard to nurture and when it doesn’t work out the best thing to do is move on. She is right to move out, after all, you don’t want to be with someone who will slam you on a table and leave you alone with your baby cousin in the club past curfew as she said in the Q&A.

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