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Reasons Why You Should Never Be Friends with Your Ex

Trying to remain friends with your ex partner might seem to be a mature thing to do especially if you do care for your partner. Even though it may seem as a good idea at the beginning this situations often don't end well.

This will block you from new opportunities of getting into a relationship. Staying friends with your ex may make potential partner think that you are still together hence avoid approaching you. Keeping your ex as a friend will also give you the idea that you may be back together hence continue hanging around. You will eventually be hurt more if they move on quickly therefore you should avoid any kind of interaction with your ex .

Staying friends with your ex will make it hard for both of you to move on, you will more often tend to avoid dealing with the real issues and instead live with the illusion that things are okay between you two. What are the tips to move on quickly leave a comment below like and share.

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