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Divorce Affair

Two Secretes to Save your Marriage

It is believed that men will always cheat. But women, too, have upped their game and will keep a toyboy. Catching a cheating spouse is very difficult.Remember a man who does not want to be kept by you will cheat no matter how you kill yourself for him but in all of this, there are some things you can do to keep his mind from side chicks.

1.The Very Vital One Is Prayer.

As a believer, I believe prayer can solve any problem on this universe and it’s the only key to our problems. When you were on the altar saying your vows, it was a covenant between you, your husband and God.

2.You Work On Yourself.

Your husband saw many women, He noticed you because he saw the qualities he loved and wanted in you, approached you and dated you. He loved everything and went to the extent of marrying you and after putting the ring on your finger you change overnight.

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