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Tell Tale signs you are stuck on stupid.

Being stuck on stupid is common in relationships nowadays. You are in this relationship where you keep starting the conversation every other time. You complain to your partner that you don't feel good about it. You ask him/her to improve on the communication skills. He/she doesn't do anything about it yet you still continue to be in the relationship. That is the first indication that you are stuck on stupid. He/she tells you that they rarely get time to text or call and you believe it. Let me tell you, people make time for who they want to make time for.

He promises to call you at a certain time, you wait for the call, he doesn't call. The next day he texts you to say he fell asleep and forgot to call. You believe it because you are in love and you want to be understanding. He keeps doing that repeatedly until you get used to it. You even start making excuses for him that he is always like that. You become used to the wrong consistency of promises not being kept after they are made.

Your partner keeps initiating break ups or the " I need space/ a break". You start questioning why they need that break instead of letting them have it. You even convince that whatever it is you are doing wrong, you will try improve. You are still not aware that all these is someone wanting to end things. You don't believe that you can find someone better so you want to fight for spilt milk. If you find yourself here, doing all that then you are stuck on stupid.

You break up and tell yourself that this time is done. He/she texts you that they miss you. There and then you start contemplating on going back. You start tolerating their texts and sooner than later, you go back. You start off well in fact at some point, you start believing they have changed. A month down the line, the history repeats itself and you leave again. When you find yourself doing back and forth in the relationship, welcome to the club of being stuck on stupid.

To overcome being stuck on stupid, you need to tell yourself that you deserve better. You need to try out new people, new styles of handling relationship. You need to take time and figure out what you really like and what you don't. Take time and figure out what you can compromise and what you can not. Being stuck on stupid most of the times lead to toxic relationships. It only takes from you peace of mind and gives you false pleasure that doesn't last before problems come again. Ever found yourself stuck on stupid? What is your story? Is it frustrating?

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