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5 Things That You Should Never Post On Social Media Regarding Your Relationship.

Being in a relationship can be tough sometimes and we may find ourselves doing things that hurt us and our significant other. Some things might just seem to be simple and not harmful but they can destroy any relationship. For instance, whatever we post on social media might not seem to be a big deal but sometimes it is. In this article I am going to give you five things that you should never put on social media about your relationship.

The first thing that you should never post is the personal life of your partner. You can post your personal life but never do it for your partner without their consent because it is an invasion of privacy. Secondly, never post about your bedroom matters. No one wants to hear about such things because sometimes it can be uncomfortable. Thirdly, never put your arguments with your partner on social media. It invites unwanted people in your relationship who have different opinions about your relationship. The fourth thing that you should avoid is posting mean jokes about your partner. Sometimes your partner might not tell you that it hurts them but it does sound refrain from doing it. Lastly, you should avoid posting embarrassing pictures of your partner on social media without their permission. Sometimes your partner might not want you to post any pictures of them. In general keep your relationship private because you are not dating the whole village.

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