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Laugh when you love, because in it there is life.

Look at you criticize my title! well if you don't like it, that's on you. But just in case you choose to cry when you love, let them be tears of joy. On my side, I choose to laugh.

I have discovered that life is too short for one to procrastinate their happiness. You might ask how does this happen? The truth is that it does, what happens when you don't like the lecture, you sad. Look at the time you can't just feel good about yourself because you can't afford lunch in a luxury hotel. ( I don't mean that you have to be there anyway). What about you walking to work, and your friend sitting at the back of a wheel comfortable spinning to the same workplace.

If all this doesn't look funny and something to laugh about, that makes me sick. I hope the message am about to send gets home. (Not to my brother but for someone to view their life differently). Well, get to laugh and love the moment you are in. Don't be comfortable, just say. This is not for life but a laugh, and I will make it tomorrow.

It's up to you to make your life beautiful. Loving each day and hope for the best. Don't be gloomy and accept that happiness will get attracted to you. That kinda physics law does not apply to happiness. Make priceless moments that you will love.

And we will get to say he/she did live a healthy, funny, and happy life when one gets promoted to the other life. What makes it happy healthy and funny life is what one did while still alive. Each day's decision to make it a lovely day despite the challenges one has faced.

Make your day love and don't forget to laugh in life.

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