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What To Do If Your Ex Is Continually Disturbing Your Current Relationship

When a person moves on and the former lover realizes how happy he or she is in her or her current relationship, it might make the person start splitting the relationship. He or she might want to be back in your life when he or realizes that you are comfortable and moving on peaceful unlike he or she is. The following are ways you can stop your former lover from disturbing or ruining your peaceful relationship:

1. Change your contact number of details that he or she has that are being used to get to you. Changing this will make your ex give up on you.

2. Avoiding picking calls or replying to his or her texts. Replying will give him or her time to be talking to you, no matter the cautions you give. Never ever show interest of taking an action to replying even if you receive 100 texts or 50 missed calls.

3. Avoid any gifts or invites he or she offers to you because accepting this will pave away of manipulating you. He or she might use that way to lure you into doing something that will result to your current relationship to break up. Show him or her you are okay without his or her presence in life.

4. You can take the case to appropriate authority so as he or she stops threatening or disturbing your peaceful life. This will scare your former lover from interfering with your life. This also stop your lover from doing bad things to you.

5. You can talk to your lover about and take appropriate decision. Your lover can try to caution him or her so that his or her disturbance comes to an end.

How can we end our former lovers from disturbing us?

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