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Ladies, Here are 3 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest in Marriage Fast.

HiMarriage is beautiful and, he who finds a spouse finds a good thing! When two people get married, their feelings and love are over the moon. That goes on for several years. But after some time, most men begin to start losing interest in their wives. Here are five reasons as to why.

1. You got comfortable and added too much weight.

Let's be honest. Most women get married with petite body frames and even had a gym membership. When some of them get into marriage, they get comfortable and stop watching their weight. They eat everything that comes their way and are always bugging their husbands to remember to bring some chocolates and cookies every other day. These ladies spend their time taking care of their families and forget to look after themselves. Ladies, please remember to look after yourself since you cannot give from an empty cup. Do not neglect the girl in you, even after you become a mother.

2. You stopped making efforts to look beautiful.

As a single girl in the dating scene, most ladies will try their best to look the part always. And that is what attracts the men. Once a lady gets married, some of them forget the word make-up. And will not make an effort with making their nails and hair. Ladies, you are not doing this for your husband but you. Look good, apply that lipstick, and do not get lazy in this. You are a wife, not a slave.

3. You are too lazy

Laziness is a common one. Remember when you were new in marriage and kept looking out for each other, texting your spouse, waking up to make breakfast, introducing new styles, making his favorite dish every Friday evening? Most wives become lazy a few years into marriage. Avoid this by always checking up on him, cooking, and being active in the bedroom. Remember, you are not entirely doing this for him, but you as well.

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