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Involving Your Parents So Much in Your Relationship Matters Will Ruin Your Relationship

A man and a woman comes together , loves each other and become couples. When you get into a marriage, it means that your parent have given you out and they are not responsible for you anymore. This means that any decision you make in your marriage with your life must be a decision made by both the man and the woman.

In most relationships, man is always taken as the head and leader in that relationship. When you are a woman and you have a problem in coming up with a proper decision for example, your man comes in to help you in making a wiser one together. The problem comes in when incase you have a problem in your marriage, you run to your parent each and every time, even with the most slightest issue. In this case, the man feels like he has been given a lower hand or underestimated from his responsibilities by the woman. The man then gets pissed off and feels like he is not given a proper chance to act or be responsible to problems affecting them in the marriage. You have to get it that serious men love responsibility and will always want to get responsible for a problem in their relationship and solve issues as grown ups, but when the woman always run for solutions from parents, the man feels lowered and will break up with you to find someone who is more mature to solve problems together with.

It can be even more embarrassing to the woman if the man is the one who is always running to his parents always asking for solutions. In this case, the woman takes the man as immature ,and no lady wants to be headed with an immature man in a relationship. She won't even think twice, rather she will leave without looking back.

I therefore advice couples to stop running to their parents each and every time they encounter a problem in their marriage. Try solving your problems alone, and that's why your parents allowed you to get along together. They gave you the responsibility to do your things alone in a responsible way. Unless things get soo serious that you cant handle anymore, then its advisable to get to them.

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