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The Main Reasons Why Women Can Dump The Man They Love The Most

Tired of your lack of trust and need for total control

It is completely ridiculous when a woman spends a week trying to get permission to see her friends and then having to answer your calls and texts during the whole evening. Listening to your suspicions and having to explain every like on Facebook is not a sign of a healthy relationship. There is no woman that can enjoy this kind of relationship.

She is tired of meeting your requirements

Demands like always being in great shape, a good mood, cooking unique food, reading intelligent books, and being able to communicate with your friends is a long list of demands for any woman to take, it’s really exhausting to have to constantly meet someone’s requirements all the time.

Not feeling that she can rely on you

Women who love their freedom also want to be able to lean on somebody when they need them. And there are periods in women’s lives like pregnancy or maternity leave when they need men a lot. In situations like this, only a reliable person can make a woman feel comfortable.

Source of negative emotions

A man who's always unhappy, not open to trying new things, and constantly shoot down any and all ideas from his girlfriend because they think that they are ridiculous. Eventually she will just want to move on in order to grow and make her and your life more interesting.

You are from 2 different worlds

When the relationship is still fresh, when we are too much in love to care, we can’t think clearly and we ignore a lot of things like the families we are from, and maybe who our friends are. But after some time, when the euphoria wears off, we realize that our partner's friends are people you would never talk to or that her family is absolutely unbearable.

Not sure you know what you want

Actually, no one wants to have to depend on people whose plans are always up in the air whereby, you can't achieve anything serious with a person who changes their mind all the time.


When a woman wants to have children and you want to leave your job so that you can go to a party with your friends. Or you want a new gaming console and the biggest piece of the cake. There are exceptions, but in general, women are not ready to have children with people who are immature.

Different life goals

In any a relationship, each and every one knows what they want but the problem is that your future plans are really different or contradict each other. Take for example, she just finished some design courses, learned a language, and is looking into jobs abroad. You’re not going to move from your city or country and you’re looking to build a small house with a nice garden not far from your parents.

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