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Respect in our families

Lately there have been lots of cases

Many about men killing their wives

Wives killing their husbands

People from the same family killing each other

It's so sad😔God gave us the gift of family

But most people misuse the gift by not dating the right people.I think we should pray to God to help us find the right partners in life.

Otherwise our families won't have a good foundation..

I think a family should be based on love

Persistence ,care and all the values

Both ladies and Gentlemen are important

Besides we are all the same in God's eyes

So we should respect each other and life continues..

This will also be admired by the latter generation

Am sure a greater percentage of the youth

Wouldn't wish to have a family

Due to fear of being killed and others

Lack of good role models...

We should all enhance peace in our families

Sought out things where we can

And with that we will reduce all the killings and disrespect.

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