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"Am not Married But Am Busy Somewhere". Studio Presenter Narrates

IMany people in the society pressure others to get married. Even family members tend to be concerned when one will get married. Some colleagues at work pressure you to get married.

Everybody now uses him as an example in his company. It is because he don't have a family. For him marriage is about making a good decision of your future life. Also parties must be in a good agreement about marriage. He adds that he is not married but he is busy somewhere.

His workmates make fun of him because he is a bachelor. For example Kihenjo hiralious gives his reasons why he should get married very soon. For example if Kihenjo tell that if he marry when he will be 90 years he will probably marry a woman who is 104 years. In this case the woman will be very old to have children and take care of him.

In another case Wakirumba says that he should just have children if he is unable to marry. But Kihenjo adds that the best option is for him to have a wife not children. Kihenjo jokingly adds that he should marry early because if he marry when old he will lack appetite for women.

"Many women write on my DM but am not interested. My time for getting married is not yet. Marriage is optional and it's a decision one must make properly." He adds. Gathaiya tells that people should train to live at their own means. Being a presenter many people think you are paid alot of money. Luckily it's a job like any other.


Live your own life. Never live beyond your means. He adds that presenters also go broke. Other people live a fake life to impress their friends or even fit in the society. Don't pressurize yourself because of what you don't have. Being comfortable in life requires alot of hard work, patience and persistence.

Working with Wakirumba was the best thing that happened to him. Wakirumba is the first person he knew when he came to Nairobi. She even introduces you to her friends because she is very exposed. She is also very generous. Unfortunately if you become enemies, she hates you for good. Luckily she is bubbly and also good looking.

According to Gathaiya he didn't stop Keziah and Wakirumba from fighting in studio. By then they worked together at Bahasha FM. Gathaiya only watched them fight because he was not part of the problem. Unfortunately he never disclosed the main cause of the fight.

They later worked with Wakirumba at Kameme FM and the chemistry was nice. Gathaiya now airs a show together with his co host Ngoni wa Thuita. The show is called Kwigangara at Kameme FM. Ngoni is married with two boys. Their show is hiralious where they bring a new topic to discuss everyday.

Reasons for late marriages.

1. Environmental problems like bad friends.

2. Fear of sustaining a good marriage.

3. Feeling immature.

4. Money related issues.

5. Some people are very selective.

6. Medical problems.

7. High cost of weddings, dowry.

8. Masturbation and homosexuality.

9. Education.

10. Spiritual problems.

11. Family troubles.

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