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Divorce Affair

Mans Bursts Wife in The Act With His Friend, Does Something Unpredictable

We can all agree to the fact that the pain of your spouse’s cheating leads to numerous negative emotions that hurt like hell. Leave alone that, imagination alone can torment your thoughts and might even lead to depression.

Arguably, the worst and most painful form of cheating is when he or she involves in pre-meditated (intentional) romantic activities with another person without your consent.

In most cases, when one discovers their spouse's has cheated, the urge for vengeance strikes in as one immediately wonders what the other person has that he or she doesn't.

The desire for revenge and the agony that comes with it can make a person do something regrettable. However, that's not the case of one Mr Issa Kasili, a Tanzanian businessman who caught his wife deep in the act with his friend by the name Mayombi Mwela.

As per Tuko's post on Facebook, Mr Kasili demanded be paid Ksh 240,000 so that he could free her wife and forget about the entire incident.

It is not known whether the wife paid the money the husband was asking for but I guess there could have been a heated argument thereafter.

Do you think the man was right to demand that whole sum of money? If yes, kindly share why you think so. Be blessed.

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