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Husband and wife relationship

3 Main Reasons Men Fear Helping Their Wives House Chores.

The following are reasons why men find it uneasy helping their wives in undertaking house chores:

1. Loss of respect.

When a man, for instances, washes utensils as the wife does anything else, people might start to say that he has been overpowered by his wife. This might result in people around him looking down upon him for being manipulated by his wife.

The African customs and traditions indicates that the man should be the one who should fend for his family and protect it against any danger. The wife is to make sure that what the husband has brought has been prepared and served to the family. The wife also has the responsibility of making sure that all house chores have been done.

2. It might start creating misunderstandings.

When a lady realizes that her man knows how to cook or do house chores, she starts getting used to it, hence stating to come up with lame excuses to see her man do the work for her. When her man refuses to do, she might start quarrelling the man resulting in disagreements since she will think that the man loves her that much that he can't afford to do when she tells him.

3. Might distract your space.

When a man gets involved into doing his wife's chores in the house, his space to have time with his friends or get involved in his projects. This is because the wife might get used to him being around her, helping her either cook or cleaning the house. This behaviour might lead to her getting used to the man in that she can't do them when her man is not around.

Is it okay for a man to help his wife to do house chores?

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