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Husband and wife relationship

Some of the Reasons Why Marriage is Important

Marriage makes you more responsible.

Marriage is very important in everybody's life. It gives you another responsibility of taking care of somebody else who came to your life. it is always a good thing having a wife who you will commit to and also take care of. That is literally what is called to become a man. sharing ideas and making decisions together in marriage makes your bond stronger as days pass by.

Sharing your life with someone.

If you are looking for some good reason of getting married then this is definitely one. You feel that after so many years of staying a single life alone you tend to lower your anchor and decide to look for a person who you will be talking to at the end of every single day. A person who will always calm your nerves down after a hectic day at work. That is literally a good wife.

To start a family.

Having a family is a blessing. The idea of having a wife and children who you call your own is something that makes every man happy. Seeing them grow and become better people in the afterlife is always a joy of each parent. being called dad is the best feeling ever and every man can attest to this.

Growing old with someone.

Celebrating anniversaries every five or ten years with your partner makes someone feel special and with that you can put your head up and say that you made it in life. From those early morning messages to holding onto one another through illness and growing old together with that special person, gives you a great window seat to this life. Going from 20s to 40s to 70s together and putting all those things in life together is what marriage stand for .

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