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Divorce Affair

Four dangerous types of Nannies

In most jobs no,women are given a maximum of three months maternity leave after is therefore necessary to look for a househelp to take care of the kids and do other household chores.many have different experience.Others are good and there are those who are just but a nightmare.from experience,I advise people to stay away from the following group of househelp:

1.The recently separated/divorced

This is the kind of a lady who just left the husband due to various misunderstanding or quarrel.such normally look for a place to calm down and after some few days or weeks they will demand that their better half accepted to sit and solve their issues.they will leave you unexpectedly.

2.The very desperate

These are the kind of ladies who have moved from one job to the other,tried so many things for survival but all in vain and most probably resorted to becoming a housemaid because they have reached the hardest part in life.they tend to be bitter with everyone and everything.mostly,they will be hot-tempered and take correction to be an offence.

3.The home-sicker

These ones 'fall sick' more often and refuse to visit the doctor.Instead they will lie that they use herbal medicine and always want to go home to pick them.this category will really inconvenience you since they might not turn up on time to release you to your duties.

4.The Nossy girl

These type of ladies would want to know everything and everyone around your house.they tend to listen even to private conversation,go through documents,receipts, diaries and even your phone if your not careful with it.they are the most dangerous since they can be used even by thugs to rob you.

It is therefore very important to do a background check before bringing a househelp.what are some of your experience with housemaids?Let's share.

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