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Early signs of an abusive partner in a relationship

After meeting someone it is not that easy to tell if the person is abusive or not, but with time there are behaviours that emerge and grow over time. There are however warnings signs you should look out for to know if the person you are getting into a relationship with is your ideal partner or an abuser.

Controlling . If your partner starts to dictate how you live your life , constantly telling you things you should do and those you shouldn't do. Abusive people will want to make sure that everything you do must be approved by them whether its visiting friends or family to your work and even how you dress.

Abusive partner will also project their insecurities or things they are doing to you. They will often accuse you of things that you aren't doing like cheating and when in reality they might be the ones doing that.

Lack of empathy or feeling remorseful when they do something wrong is another red flag for an abuser. A partner who doesn't apologise when they wrong you or feel sorry their situation might get worse with time and become more abusive.

What are the other signs you are dealing with an abuser leave a comment below.

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