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Do This For Flat Tummy/Stomach

When it comes to tummy every gender will go for flat tummy or flat stomach. Men will try hard to have flat tummy and on top of that they will add up six packs to maintain perfect and strong posture. Women on the other hand they deserve flat tummy to look more sexy. If you're looking forward to shape your tummy here are the dos and don'ts to achieve by the end of the day.

Go Green

Going green, I mean drinking green tea at least three cups within 24 hours. Green tea contain antioxidants in it called EGCG. which usually help to boost your metabolism and help your body to utilize fat. For best results, drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day. you can even iced it up by adding few ice cubes and put it in the fridge for few hours .

Eat More Fiber Foods

For every 10 grams of fiber you eat daily, your belly will carry almost 3% less fats. You can easily increase your fiber intake by just eating apples, a cup of pinto beans, citrus fruits and peas. This are the simple and enjoyable ways to increase your fiber intake.

Consume Proteins with Every Meal

Proteins are the most available foods we also encounter in our daily life. Fish, seafoods, beef, chicken, beans and many others are the most common source of protein foods around us. Protein will keep your blood sugar level stable throughout the day, therefore yield to increase energy levels and reduced cravings for sugary snacks.

Get Rid of Gluten

Gluten are the inflammatory food and it damages the gut wall. Even if you don't have stomach problems its best to eliminate or reduce the consumption of glutens. This kind of foods can cause stomach bloating, water retention, digestive upsets and excess body fat and body fat if your body cant break it down well.

Consume Unsaturated Fats

Your belly fat is one of the reason behind the getting bulky stomach. Some people think that consuming a lot of fat will get you have big tummy of which is not true. To stay string and will maintained you need to consume good amount of fats. Talking of good and bad fats, the goods fats are the beneficial to our bod. Example of the goods like omega 3 and 6 are what you require for your body to stay in shape.

Skip Processed Foods

Refined grains like white bread, crackers, and chips, as well as refined drinks and desserts increase inflammation i n our bodies belly. Belly fats is associated with inflammation of the stomach, when you consume a lot of processed foods will hinder the your ability to lose belly fat. Instead you can choose to take natural foods and fruits which are rich with antioxidants which are beneficial to our body.

Perform Cardio Belly

Performing cardio belly is the most effective way of loosing belly fats very quickly. Its one of the cardio exercise and i any cardio exercise more fats are burn compared to any other exercise. Whatever you do make sure you make your heart pumping at least it will help burn fat and get lean.

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